Eisteddfod and the Competition – missed the bronze by a single point

The choir singing in the Church of La Madeleine.

For those that know nothing about Eisteddfod, it’s a huge music and dance festival/competition (not unlike a musical A & P Show) with the main stage inside a permanent marquee seating around 3000.

Outside there are stalls selling cultural artifacts from many countries plus lots of satellite stages with performances ranging from jesters to choirs to dance groups.
The colour and diversity of the festival was amazing. It’s organisation worked like clockwork, feeding everyone, keeping audiences and performers well hydrated and toilets with enough toilet paper all day – amazing.
It has a really fun atmosphere, well did have a really fun atmosphere until one of the choristers asked a policeman to fulfill his fantasy.
Obligingly, the policeman whipped out his handcuffs and the wife was done for. Little did he know the wife loves a man in uniform. Anyway back to the event.
The event itself is where selected groups are invited to perform under the banner of World Competition. In the Male Choir section,  we competed against choirs from Sweden, Germany, England and Wales.
Some of these choirs are professional and some surprised us by being allowed (or even wanting) to read from their scores!

We did really well on the day, but missed out on bronze by one point – that’s the news you have been waiting for and we are very disappointed with the result but very pleased with our performance.
We had so many positive comments about our performance, the quality of the sound the beauty of the singing and the uniqueness of our songs which was heartening.
Many expressed surprise at our placing which also helped ease our disappointment, but what an experience.
From a WASP’s point of view (Wives and Supporters and Partners) we were really proud of the men and the music team. Everyone looked amazing, sounded brilliant and were excellent ambassadors for New Zealand.
Guys (and accompanist Sylvia) we are so proud of you.

In the evening, they had a concert for the winners of each category which by all accounts was a great show; others opted to try out the local hospitality and found a beautiful pub by the river which was equally enjoyable.
After a late night, back on the bus to the hotel for a well deserved sleep.

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