Emergency status – we’ve been Susied

Just a quick report to let you know of the greatest threat to the Kiwi success at Eisteddfod.

Many came down to breakfast on THE BIG DAY only to see the time for the bus to Eisteddfod had been changed from 10.00am to 11.45am. With some relief, many planned morning activities, relaxation time or celebration time after watching the All Black’s/South Africa test match .

But alas, we’ve been Susied.

Remember Susie who poisoned the All Black’s at the Rugby World Cup in South Africa so they couldn’t win the cup? Well someone is so terrified The National Male Choir of New Zealand might just take the cup at Eisteffod today, they brought Susie over to change the bus sign. Alas she was foiled by Camp Father who spotted the change in time and now everyone is just chuffed that the opposition is so scared, they tried to make us miss our competition spot.

Next update – the results!!


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